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The Beginning Of My Journey

Ok, I have decided to start this blog, and really learn what online business really means and even more to experience the famous “internet lifestyle”.

I came across an interview with Dean Holland where he was sharing how he started online. What I liked about that recording was how sincere and simple his beginning was.

Probably what was more appealing to me was how he was so transparent about it, how he revealed straight forward that he was just starting and that he just wanted to share his journey, so hopefully somebody could learn something from it.

Well, that is exactly what I want to do. Start from the beginning, and show my progress so hopefully somebody can benefit from it.

That´s is why, when I learned that he was going to start his program “The Quick Start Challenge”, I decided to join. I said, if I can learn how to start from scratch when I am in less than “Zero” (I also had spent a bunch of money buying the shiny objects), in a nice simple and consistent way. To have somebody guiding me and a whole group holding me accountable was huge, but more importantly the opportunity to get help with what is has been probably the biggest challenge for me… TO START AND FOCUS… well, I figured ok, let´s do it.

So here I am, writing my first post as a part of my first challenge for this training. Just a simple basic post!

“No matter what you learn, no matter how many books you read, CDs you listen to, or seminars you attend, if you don’t absorb this philosophy of simple steps and their compounded effect over time, you won’t successfully apply those things you learn to create the results you want…” Extract from the book The Slight Edge: Secret to a Successful Life: Jeff Olson

Ok, I will keep reporting my progress and let´s see where this goes.

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  1. Carina says

    Hi Sue:
    Yes, I agree. He actually is making a very interesting point. Even when we think we do not have anything to share or any value to provide since we are new, well, it is amazing to see that this is not true. People actually might get more out of somebody that is just starting since they might be in the same place.

  2. Carina says

    Hey Thank you Kirsten. It is so nice to meet like minded people, and I think that has been a huge benefit offered by the quick start challenge. I also would love to follow your progress.

  3. Sue McDonald says

    Hi Carina

    I have to agree Dean’s story is amazing. I believe we can all benefit from following along with the Quick Start Challenge. I have made some money online previously but not consistently and that is what I want to change.

    To YOUR success

    Sue McDonald

  4. Kirsten Rutherford says

    Hey Carina enjoyed reading your blog post. Look foward to reading more from you.To your success 🙂

  5. Shane Hutton says

    Well done, Great effort on getting your site up and running.
    Wishing you well and looking forward to following your blog

    Shane Hutton
    ethical marketing & internet business solutions

  6. Carina says

    Yes, that´s right Keyur. Many times we forgot that all the social media is just a “media” to make the communication easier, not a way to hide ourselves. That is what internet is, a way to get closer, to reach more people and it gives us the opportunity to share something that might provide value to others. I think the best part of this challenge is that we get the chance to meet awesome people that are where we are. Thanks for your comment.

  7. Carina says

    Thanks Rich for your words. Yes, I think this challenge allows us to take action. Basically it gives us permission to just do it without being perfect.
    This is probably what I needed.

  8. Keyur Amin says

    Yes, as we all say Simplicity Rules. We all like transparency and honesty. We do believe in people who show us transparency and provide us with their progress fully without hiding anything. As we learned in our first webinar, this world has become more social and hence we need to concentrate on relationship building

    I wish you best of luck, Carina.

  9. Rich Emmett says

    Hi Carina, great post and I think your transparency and the action that will be generated by the compound effect of taking simple steps over time are sure recipes for success. Good luck with The Quick Start Challenge and I look forward to reading about your progress and learning from your posts.

  10. Carina says

    Hi Bill

    Thank you very much for your comment. Yes it is good to have 2 Countries; you have more options (lol). This online marketing career is amazing but it has a big challenge, the fact that it is on the internet (lol). Yes, internet provides us a huge opportunity, but also a huge distraction. Anyways I think we have a great opportunity to share our story, our progress and hopefully the chance to inspire somebody, including ourselves. I will keep checking your progress.

  11. Bill McBride says

    Hi Carina

    I really admire your honesty and transparency, especially in your “About Me.” I too am in some similar places as you. Your words about taking those “small steps” is what really prompted me to join the Quick Start Challenge. I like Dean Holland’s approach in starting us off simple and challenging us to trust the results and how things will build. I have chased after so many shiny things too; even in network marketing with the hopes of succeeding, but never really getting there. In fact, in my IM stuff I have made so far -$49.

    I finally have done my first “real” Word Press blog, perhaps a small step but to me feels big. I too am anchored in 2 countries, Australia and USA in Wisconsin. My partner and I hope to get to the same space and be together, but may take a year or so.

    Keep up your small but positive steps. Look at what you have done and handled so far in your life. You have strength and courage I can feel it in your words. Way to go!

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