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About Carina

Welcome to my blog!



I am originally from Mexico City.  After a happy life with my parents, brothers, and the rest of the family; I got the opportunity to move to Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

When I first came to Vancouver, I decided that I could start a brand new life without attachments and just do whatever I really love.

I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart. While doing my thesis for my psychology degree in Mexico, I started a marketing research company with one of my friends from school making one of our dreams come true, to have our own business. Although we were doing well, major corporations started to take over the market making it harder to compete. As a result, a few years later we shut the company down.

As a break for myself, I decided to take a trip for a few months to Canada, where by the way, I met Don, my husband, my best friend, my partner in life.

I went back to Mexico City and work in for a local marketing magazine. I was lucky to have the best of two worlds: the benefit of a corporation and the feeling and freedom of running my own business.

I got married and moved back to Vancouver. I continued what I loved doing in Mexico. I started working for a small local Newspaper, (this was as a volunteer while I was waiting to complete my immigration status). Once again, I was living my dream, working in a place that, even though it wasn’t mine, it felt like it.


Finally my papers arrived and I was able to work in Canada, yeah! Trying to follow the same path, I started a position in an advertising company doing what they called “inside sales”, but it was really telemarketing. I hated it! I it was the pushing sale system they had! I am a strong believer in the right of the consumer or client to be well educated before investing in something.

Now, the time to have a baby arrived, so Don and I decided that it would be good for me to join the hospitality industry with the idea of having flexibility and spend more time with the baby and also get maternity leave benefits. However, what started as a good plan became a nightmare; I ended up working mostly evenings and weekends and never saw Don.

I moved to Vancouver and had the idea to restart my life and do what I love, but for the first time, I was working just for money and even worse, I wasn’t following my passion, and that feeling was killing me. It was as if I had forgotten my real purpose.

Don, on his end had been working as a Sales and Training Manager for over 10 years. We realized that financially we had no hope of creating wealth and we didn’t have enough time to even see each other.


That is when I said: “there should be a better way”. A few days later, something amazing happened. After work, about 2 am, I saw an infomercial where Robert Kiyosaki was giving a talk about the financial principles that he lives by and gave birth to in his famous book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

That commercial made me remember that trading my time for money in a job, especially if I don’t love it, will never allow me to be prosperous and happy. It was then when I knew what to do. I decided to start my own online business…and this is when my real nightmare started, lol.


In the beginning, I started spending hundreds of dollars in e-books and e-courses; I joined some affiliations and I started to get bombarded with information about the “Best Next Thing” to make money and promote my business. I was putting advertising here and there but I was lacking of the most important thing: “A PLAN”.

Things were not working out as I wanted. I really wanted to quit my job to follow my dream of starting my own online business, but I wasn’t doing too well in that department either. I was spending a lot more time and money than I expected, which is why I began to think that it would have been better just to work at my job.

I realized there were 2 main reasons why I was going all over the “net” spending time and money like crazy.

One, there is such an overwhelming amount of information on the internet that you could swim in it. I was inexperienced and everything sounded amazing.

The second reason is that I was freaked out. I was getting buried in all this cyber clutter and bunch of e-books, courses, webinars and such. I was in a needy and obsessive mindset. I wanted to be perfect and have results fast at the same time. I was buying and trying all these courses, tools and resources. I was becoming a Network Marketing shopaholic.

After all those evenings and weekends of being apart from my family, I was desperate to find a solution, I wanted the nice house, the nice body, the time to be with my family, the freedom of doing what I wanted, but all I was doing was buying the dream, the promises, the ideal.

Fast forward to present time, to make matters worse, after playing around with this online stuff going after “the next big thing”, my family got on a huge emotional crisis. Bottom line, my husband lost his job what took him into an irrepressible depression and a few months later I also lost my job.

Well as you can imagine, things got out of control. With no money coming in for over a year, our debt started to rise becoming unsustainable ($100K plus mortgage and our everyday expenses).


I knew we had to do something. I said to myself. “I can cry and get depressed as well or I can make one of my dreams come true.”

Well this was the time to sell it all, get out of debt and start from scratch. I decided to take our little girl to Mexico for at least one year of school, so she could practice her Spanish (that she has learned since baby), and be immerse in the culture (that had been one of my dreams in life).

I had enough money to take her to school and I asked my parents to let us stay with them. My husband, on the other hand, stayed in Vancouver to get back on track financially and emotionally.

Now, he has a job that he loves which is helping him to overcome his depression and feel alive again. On the other hand, I knew I needed to stop and reevaluate my goals, values and the way I was doing things, especially with my online business.

I decided to have a fresh start not only in my life but also with my business. So here I am taking one step at the time and start from zero and rebuild our lives and my business.

Although my husband, our girl and I are currently in 2 countries, we are closer than ever and we are working on our goals, the most important one, which is to be together again with a more fulfilling life as a family and individuals.

Sometimes understanding how others have overcome their obstacles inspire us and helps us to keep going.

So here I am sharing my journey with you.

Please share with us your main difficulties in your journey and your way to overcome them.

I’d love to hear from you,