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The Quick Start Challenge – week 2

Well this is The Quick Start Challenge – Week 2.

This program was put together by Dean Holland, Craig Crawford and JF Garsula.

There are 4 main reasons why I decided to join this challenge:

  1. I needed an easy or at least achievable map road to follow, nothing so complex or expensive that I ended not pursuing.
  2. I also needed the guide of a person (s) that started from the same place I am, who is now in a place I would love to be. Continued…

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The Beginning Of My Journey

Ok, I have decided to start this blog, and really learn what online business really means and even more to experience the famous “internet lifestyle”.

I came across an interview with Dean Holland where he was sharing how he started online. What I liked about that recording was how sincere and simple his beginning was.

Probably what was more appealing to me was how he was so transparent about it, how he revealed straight forward that he was just starting and that he just wanted to share his journey, so hopefully somebody could learn something from it.


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